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There’s something mysterious about Indian cooking: aromatic spices, colorful curries simmering, golden oils popping and hissing. Unfortunately, for many, the experience of Indian cuisine begins and ends at the restaurant doors. But this exotic flavor profile does not have to remain an enigma thanks to us.  Our line of certified organic Indian spices turns any home chef into an authentic Indian cook!  Each package includes an easy to follow recipe and prepares in 30 minutes or less.

Modern Day Masala is owned and operated by Kristin Sharma. She started the company in 2008 to take the labor and guesswork out of Indian spice preparation for novice cooks and to give families a healthy alternative for dinner. Modern Day Masala’s certified Organic spice blends contain whole-roasted and coarse ground spices for superior flavor and quality to powdered spices found on store shelves today.  “Our dreams are being realized when we help others prepare healthy, delicious food that they can share with family and friends.” Kristin Sharma

Our products are hand packaged in the US, using only the finest organic spices sourced from all over the world.  Our garam masala, which is a staple spice blend used in Indian cuisine, starts with ten whole, organic spices.  These spices are dry roasted and coarsely ground to maintain the best possible flavor!  This garam masala is then used in many of our spice blends and sold on its own.  As a company, we employ green practices (recycling in our production facility, using biodegradable sampling supplies, and printing sales brochures on recycled paper with soy inks).

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Face to Face award given to Modern Day Masala for their organic Indian spice blends company.